Saturday, October 19, 2013

Preparing the next man in

By Brian Rock
Offensive Coordinator

When you are preparing for a week like this, you don't want to create an atmosphere where anything feels different. It's next man in.

You go through the process of preparing like you normally do. You let the next man in know that he should carry all of the confidence and swagger into this week and this game as anyone else. They have worked long and hard to get an opportunity to get on the field, so let's go do it.

For the people who haven't seen David Fisher, he is a guy who will bring great energy to the quarterback position. He is a mobile guy. David will operate our offense very well. He is not afraid to run with the football, but he is also a durable guy who can throw it. 

David is also a very vocal leader who will bring energy and enthusiasm to our to our huddle. He will also bring attention to detail.

I have tried to make it so that he can just go and play. He has won some games in his career, and I know he's excited to have the chance to get in there and help this team win.

Our gameplan isn't going to change much going from Colin Reardon to David Fisher.

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