Friday, August 23, 2013

Brian George on the defense, the linebacker spot, and the return to health of Roosevelt Nix

By Brian George
Defensive Coordinator

The biggest positive from camp is that we have had a concerted effort as a group to improve and to learn every day that we have been out here.

When you do that, you have a chance. That's the biggest positive.

On the negative side, we still have a little way to go in a lot of different areas. After figuring out who are best 11 are, we now have to develop some guys and have them get themselves ready to be able to play in football games this fall. There is still a lot of development ahead as we get ready for the season.

We've had a lot of guys improve. I don't want to get into names right now, but there are a lot of players who have made tremendous strides since last year. There are also a lot of guys who need to keep going. In camp, we kept telling guys that they need to always be thinking 'I have to keep driving to get better.' They are getting better at that.

The linebacker spot is getting better every day. We want that group to compete and compete, and keep competing. They competed in camp. We want them to keep competing right up through the first game on Aug. 29. And after that game, we will reevaluate and they'll continue to compete.

We believe we have five linebackers who are truly competing to play. That's a good thing. There aren't a lot of them who have a great deal of experience. We'll see from week to week who those guys are. I don't know that it will ever be just the starting two. 

Getting Roosevelt Nix back healthy is a very good thing. I also think now that he is healthy, having a healthy attitude to work is going to make him and all of us better every day. He said it the other day. It has to start with me. He said, "once I am able to do what I'm capable of doing every day in practice on a daily basis, then that can be contagious." We are seeing that happen. You can't have the type of attitude he has been showing if you are not healthy.

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