Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First day in pads

Today was our first practice in full pads.

I saw some of the same things that I saw in the first few days of practice. Our energy is good at the beginning of practices, but we still have to have to learn how to finish. And then, the first time we go live, we stop paying attention to detail and lose all fundamentals and technique.

Right now we are not a very fundamentally sound football team. Fundamentals are the things that will win or lose a championship for us. We have a long way to go before our guys understand what it takes to win championships and not just get through practice.

I'll know they are starting to understand when go through these same periods in practice and our guys are not putting the ball on the ground, when they are not missing tackles. I know a lot of guys are still trying to learn the system. But we'll make the system as simple as possible if we can get guys playing with great fundamentals.

I know our fans are wondering about the offensive line and the linebackers because we had some holes to fill there. So far I think the offensive line is doing well. We are preaching toughness. They are getting there. We are working to develop depth there.

With the linebacker position, we have three older guys back and that group is looking better. We have to develop depth, though, to determine which five or six guys will travel. 

We have brought in some help from junior college. Jim Katusha is doing a good job on the offensive line, and Jake Houts is giving us some depth at linebacker. But those guys are swimming a little bit right now. They are like freshmen with the system. They'll learn it, though. What I'm worried about with them and with everyone else is learning the fundamentals.

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