Friday, August 9, 2013

Taking a swing at "the Rock"

EDITOR's NOTE: As this blog post is being published, a select group of Kent State players are taking swings with a sledge hammer at a giant rock between Dix Stadium and the Field House. It's just one of the motivational tools employed by strength and conditioning coach Antoine Sharp. We asked him to come on the blog and write about the Rock and what it represents. After hammering away all summer long, Sharp said he hoped today would be the day the Rock finally breaks in half.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

The theory behind the rock is that it represents the Mid-American Conference. Throughout  the summer, at the end of each week I would choose guys who gave the best effort, whether it be in conditioning or in weightlifting, and I would give them a chance to take a swing at the MAC with a sledge hammer. 

We want them to learn that it takes that kind of intensity to win the MAC. We always need to try to find ways to keep things fresh for these guys. We have to find different motivation because we ask so much from them.

You could tell it meant something to the guys. Those who didn't get a chance to take a swing at the MAC, their work ethic improved. They've raised the bar every day, and this is  

The rock is new. It was not out there next to Dix Stadium before this year. One of my guys found a place that had huge landscaping rocks, and they brought it here.

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